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I have worked in design for nearly 20 years specialising in designing Holograms for brand and currency. 5 years ago I started a pottery class in my local town for a few hours a week and got completely hooked on clay.

I took the plunge and brought a wheel and a kiln and took over the garage at home experimenting with bowls, plates, mugs and even the occasional spoon!

Clay is an amazing medium for experimentation and I have loved playing with clays and glazes over the last couple of years, opening the kiln is always a surprise good or bad, and a huge lesson in patience and resilience, 

The glass used in the Bombay bowls is from Bombay Gin. The distillery is based a mile down the road in Laverstoke from where I live. The vivid blue now features fairly heavily in my work. When I'm not covered in Clay you'll find me going on long walks with my Hubby George, crazy Cockapoo Ralph and 2 equally crazy Kids.

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